Lime, Basil and Mandarin

Lime, Basil and Mandarin

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A modern classic. Notes of citrus and someone who has their sh*t together.

Also available in a diffuser if you're feeling super boujie.

Hand poured in Hackney, London.

Small burn time - 22-24 hours 

Medium burn time - 30-35 hours

Double wick - 40-45 hours

Triple wick - 80-100 hours

Our scented soy candles are: 

  • Ethically sourced
  • Vegan made
  • Paraffin and phathalate free

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kate G
Like an Italian walk in the late afternoon

Simply stunning, soft citrus scents waft around my room with the earthy hints of basil floating through just like when you brush your hand against a plant.
Almost a substitute for a holiday.

Sarah Heward
Birthday Gift

I bought this for a present, the recipient absolutely loved it!

Janet Bogen
you will love this

I now have many Orhos candles and diffusers. I've tried other companies but won't bother again as I have found something very special now. I love all of the scents, particularly this one and when you light it with the corresponding diffuser, you will feel like your home is a very special place.

Smells great when not lit

I really like the scent of the candle, it’s very fresh and nice. When I lit it, however, the smell disappeared! I lit it with a lighter and a match, in a small room and a larger room, let it burn for a few hours and nothing! Willing to believe this is my fault, but was just quite sad really! Delivery was fast and efficient.

Ludivine Coutelier
Love it!

Got my first Ohros candle as a gift, the lime, basile + mandarin 💛 I loved it straight away and as soon as it was finished ordered another one, a bigger version this time. Honestly Ohros, I’m completely addicted to your candles and looking forward to try all the scents!!