By the fire...

By the fire...

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Picture the scene:- you're in a cabin, there's a roaring fire, tartan jammies on, you've got a blanket, maybe a doggo beside you and you're slurping a cup of hot choc. By the Fire... is exactly that, a subtle blend of: Amber, Chocolate, Smoke and Cedar wood. 

Hand poured in Hackney, London.

Small burn time - 22-24 hours 

Medium burn time - 30-35 hours

Double wick - 40-45 hours

Triple wick - 80-100 hours

Our scented soy candles are: 

  • Ethically sourced
  • Vegan made
  • Paraffin and phathalate free

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews

    I bought this at a market two years ago and i still keep it around because I love the smell and the decorative look of the candle. Finally allowing myself a treat of buying a new one!

    Amazing smell

    Lovely candle, this is one of my two fav!

    Jessica Cole

    I often light this candle on a dreary day or when the light starts to go and in my mind I am instantly sat in a wooden lakeside cabin, sat by a fire in a cosy, slightly worn armchair with a good book and my favourite drink. It’s hygge in a jar and encompasses my favourite daydreams.

    Sunniva Fenn-Moltu
    Perfect Burn

    Just had to leave a review to say how perfectly this candle burns - absolutely zero tunneling and such a clean burn. Really really impressed! The scent is also lovely :)

    Eleanora Reeves
    A Candle for All Seasons!

    I completely agree with all these reviews, on a chilly day you can light this candle and instantly feel like you've been transported to a winter cabin. You're sat in a giant cosy armchair next to a roaring log fire with a cuppa and a good book: the dream.

    BUT! On a sunny evening this scent takes me to a summer BBQ... Imagine this: it's still light at 9pm, the sun is setting and you're just getting chilly so you throw on the standard evening bbq hoodie. You're sat around the dying embers with your pals, the hoodie smells like bonfire and toasted marshmallows and whatever tasty bev you've got in your hand. The perfect summer evening and THIS is the perfect scent to take you there.